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The End of Kelantan PAS

Written By Wadah Baru on Ahad, 18 September 2016 | 9:53 PG

By Zaid Ibrahim

I firstly want to thank Datuk Husam for inviting me to speak at this important event. This is an event of historic significance because it is the beginning of the end of Kelantan PAS.

It is an interesting development: in PAS’s own backyard and stronghold, more and more members are getting pissed off and disillusioned with the leaders of the party who are claiming to be fighting for Islamic justice, Islamic economics, the Islamic system of governance and so on and so forth.

Today, nothing that they are fighting for is even remotely Islamic. As I speak PAS are conducting”solat hajat” at Kota Bharu stadium, (prayer in public place seeking God’s help for the passing of Act 355 in Parliament); which is just a public relation exercise. PAS has done nothing over the years to improve the efficiency of the shariah court, and yet suddenly they want to give unlimited powers to punish Muslims in these courts. That’s their contribution to Islam

The exodus tonight, of more than 3000 members and party activists is a real and worrying problem for PAS. Furthermore, this number includes more than 200 branch chairmen, former state government technocrats, Muslim activists and many PAS supporters, regardless of whether they are from the kampungs or urban centres like Kota Bharu.

Kelantan desperately needs a new leader to replace the inspirational Tok Guru Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat. For this to happen, we must make sure that Datuk Husam wins at the next election and become our next Menteri Besar
Datuk Husam can bring change that is positive because he is a capable leader. Muslims will always be poor and helpless if they continue to choose corrupt leaders. Don’t waste time supporting the present crop of PAS leaders who are better off as members of UMNO. In fact they share many similarities. They threatened their critics with law suits ,Najib against Wall Street Journal for saying he took billions of Ringgit from 1MDB for himself, ; and Hj Hadi against Sarawak report for alleging that he took RM 90 million from Najib. . But both of them did not sue. They are both afraid of Sarawak Report ; so they are leaders of the same type and quality that we can do without

PAS brags that it is a major Muslim political party but it forgets that it has been living on its past glory for some time. PAS today is so different from the party of past—even the quality of its president and top leaders is different. You cannot compare Tan Sri Asri Muda, Yusof Rawa, Datuk Fadzil Noor and Datuk Nik Aziz to the present batch!

These past leaders fought for the interests of the common people and justice for the downtrodden. Today’s PAS fights to defend the indefensible! PAS leaders today are friends of those who are fighting to cover up 1MDB. That’s why you will see the end of PAS soon.

I do not propose to talk about 1MDB tonight; you are know what that’s all about.

If you want to know more, watch the film Wolf of Wall Street and see for yourself what 1MDB is all about.
Some people say we the Opposition have no chance in the next election because Election Commission has redrawn the boundaries. ; or that we the opposition are divided and have no leader. Don’t listen to them. BN and UMNO can cut any constituency they want in any way they like; they can run or cheat, but they will be caught. They will be defeated. I believe the next election will be the last one for UMNO/ BN
The Menteri Besar of Johor said recently that UMNO must change tack, that Malay nationalism is not enough, and that UMNO must go the “Islamic way”. Wow. This is proof as clear as the sunny sky. That’s exactly my point—they are lost!

The notion that they are protectors of Malays and defenders of Malay nationalism no longer works because UMNO has thieves stealing money from the people at all levels.

The Malays know this. So now UMNO will try the Taliban way, which they call the “Islamic way”. They say they are chosen to defend Islam. They have already reinterpreted the Constitution. They will bring out more ulamaks in the civil service, , make more religious pronouncements to frighten the Muslims, send more people to prison, abolish this and that, blame the non-ulama leaders, and so on. They know that these measures will continue to weaken the Malays, but they don’t care.

But they have no capacity or capability to bring Islam the right way because they believe corruption and abuse of power are acceptable . These leaders want to live in comfort , by stealing peoples money and when found out , they had to lie, they had to cover up, and they had to employ hypocrites at top position in government.

We the Kelantanese can be once again the pioneers of change. Kelantan have produced many leaders who are ambitious: “berjiwa besar” we say in Malay. Some want to be Prime Minister of the land, but will not dirty their hands; others want to be am Islamic leader, but unable to resist the lure of luxury living. The wave of change has already started tonight, and we must work hard to have a new leader of our choice.

Congratulations Datuk Husam and Amanah leaders for the success of this programme. With Datuk Husam’s support we will do one in Kota Bharu soon, InsyaAllah.

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